Clever Storage Solutions for Your New Home

Clever Storage Solutions for Your New Home

Three Reasons To Keep Your Existing Storage Unit When Moving Into A New Home

by Alexander Gonzales

If you are moving into a larger home, you may have an existing storage unit you've been using to offset space concerns. While you might be moving into a larger space, it could be well worth it to hold on to your storage unit while getting used to your new home. Here are three reasons a storage unit can still be useful when moving into a new home.

1. Furnishings You Are on the Fence About

If you have a lot of furnishings or are combining homes with a new spouse, it might be a good idea to incorporate items slowly. You don't need to move all of your furnishing from storage into your new home, especially if there are some items you are on the fence about keeping. If you can keep a few larger pieces in storage, this will give you a chance to get your decor in order and see what pieces will fit in with your new home.

2. Give Yourself Time to Settle in and get Organized

If you are hoping to move, unpack, and go through storage all at once, you might be biting off more than you can chew. Items in storage will be packed and ready to go later on once you have settled in and have more time and energy to deal with these additional items. It might be best to get all of your existing household items set up and organized before incorporating other stored items into the mix. There isn't any reason to overwhelm yourself with items from your old home and storage all at once. You might set yourself up to create more of a mess that will be harder to get under control.

3. Put Together a Plan to go Through Items

If you cancel your storage unit when moving into a new home, chances are boxed up items will just go straight into your garage or attic. If you give yourself time to put together a workable game plan, you can unpack boxes one by one over time. This can be more effective than just putting items from your storage unit back in another storage-type area of your home.

The hope is to incorporate items you might have in a storage facility into your new home over time. If you rush this, you might not give yourself time to settle in or properly assess your storage items. There is no need to give up your storage unit right away just because you have moved into larger home.


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Clever Storage Solutions for Your New Home

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