Clever Storage Solutions for Your New Home

Clever Storage Solutions for Your New Home

Have A Large Storage Unit And Want To Downsize While Keeping Everything? 3 Ways To Make This Happen

by Alexander Gonzales

When you need to take some of your possessions outside of your home to avoid or eliminate clutter, one of the fastest ways that you can make this happen is by using storage facilities. If this was the path you took, choosing a large unit may have been the greatest option for a quick solution. But, while you may appreciate having a storage unit that prevents clutter, provides item protection, and allows you to keep all sorts of possessions, you may be interested in downsizing to another unit. If you want to keep all the same items in the new unit, you will need to get slightly creative with your efforts.

Get Different Boxes for Better Stacking

When trying to quickly move items to a storage unit, you may take things in the boxes that they are in or find any box that you have sitting around in your house and use it to speed up the process. But this can lead to having a random collection of boxes that do not necessarily fit well together in a storage unit. It is best to go through the boxes in your unit to determine which ones should be replaced. You should make it a goal to stack boxes to get as close to the ceiling as possible as this will utilize often unused space.

Find What Can Be Compressed

Another detail that you should consider is the compression of items. For instance, a box is pillows is not an efficient use of space because each pillow is not going to apply enough pressure to take up less space. You can put these pillows into a vacuum sealed bag and then remove the air for condensing. Another solution is to use the pillows as cushions between heavy, fragile items as protection. The weight of other belongings will compress the pillows and you will avoid having to use bubble wrap or paper padding.

Disassemble as Much as You Can

Trying to put furniture pieces into storage while they are fully assembled may work as long as you have a large unit. But, when you want to reduce how much space an item takes up, you want it to be in pieces. For instance, a table will take up less space when you can lay the table portion on its side up against a wall. The legs can then be placed in empty spots around the new storage unit or wrapped up together.

Following these tips should make it possible to switch to a smaller storage unit without needing to remove any of the belongings that you have stored.


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Clever Storage Solutions for Your New Home

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