Clever Storage Solutions for Your New Home

Clever Storage Solutions for Your New Home

Steps To Complete Before You Store Recreational Vehicles In Your Storage Unit

by Alexander Gonzales

If you own a number of recreational vehicles that your family uses throughout the summer months — jet skis, all-terrain vehicles, and other similar machines — it may be a challenge to store them on your property. A better solution is to rent the right size of storage unit at a local storage center and, when the summer season wraps up, transport all of these machines to your unit for safekeeping over the winter. Doing so means that they won't be in the way in your own garage and that they'll be ready to retrieve when the weather warms up. Before putting these vehicles away, though, you'll want to complete a handful of tasks to ensure there are no surprises when you retrieve them.

Service Them

Generally, serving your recreational vehicles before they're stored is a good idea. This includes changing the oil, ensuring that the gas is filled up, and adding a fuel stabilizer to the gas to prevent problems from arising over the winter. For machines with tires, fill the tires to the recommended air pressure. You'll know the service schedule for each of these machines, and even if a specific vehicle isn't due for its regularly scheduled service appointment, it's worthwhile to do the job before putting the vehicle in storage.

Clean Them

The last thing you want when you retrieve your vehicles in the spring is to remember that you put them away dirty and that they need to be cleaned before use. Even though vehicles such as ATVs get dirty within minutes of riding them, you need to keep them clean to avoid the dirt caking onto areas that may compromise the machine's performance. For jet skis, take a pressure washer to remove any algae or grime from the bottom of the machine. For land vehicles, a stiff-bristled brush will allow you to remove dirt.

Cover Them

When you buy some recreational vehicles, you'll get a cover designed to protect the vehicle. You may not use your covers during the summer months, but it's advantageous to use them when you're storing the vehicles over the winter. Doing so will keep dust off the vehicles, which can reduce the risk of certain moving parts needing to be scrubbed clean again. Covering the vehicles is also an effective way to make them more discreet — when you're driving to the storage center, your vehicles won't catch peoples' eyes. If you have high-value vehicles that aren't covered, there's a chance that someone will spot them and plan to steal them over the winter.

For more information about storing recreational vehicles, contact a storage facility in your area, such as Access Self Storage.


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