Clever Storage Solutions for Your New Home

Clever Storage Solutions for Your New Home

Features And Quality Points For Boat Storage Facilities

by Alexander Gonzales

Do you need to store a few belongings that are a bit bigger than bags of clothes or chairs? If you need to store All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), power tools, factory machinery, or watercraft, you'll need a larger than average storage facility and better than average security. Here are a few features and measurable quality levels to make sure that your large, valuable belongings are in good hands after storage.

Climate Control For Reduced Degradation

Everything breaks down at some point, but moisture and temperature extremes can lead to a faster failure. Moisture can cause rusting, corrosion, mold, and mildew problems depending on the material, while being too hot can melt certain components and being too cold can lead to shrinkage and collapse.

A flexible climate control system can help you manage these problems, and there are multiple tiers of support. If you just want to keep rain and stagnant water from causing heavy humidity, a well-sealed facility with an air conditioning system will be enough. Air conditioning removes some moisture from the air as a part of the cooling process, and cooler air can help prevent condensation from forming in all but the walls of the most humid non-rainy locations.

If you need humidity as close to 0 as possible, a dedicated dehumidifier is necessary. Either look for a self storage facility that already has dehumidifier units, or look for facilities with customer-use electrical outlets in the storage unit to plug up your own.

Security And Loss Prevention Options

People who need to store objects as big as 4-wheelers or boats will need to protect their investments. It's hard to sneak a boat into a storage facility unnoticed, and to avoid either having your property stolen by the first thief to sneak by in the night--and to avoid paying for security in your own private hiding place--look for a few of these security features.

Cameras are the number one, most required feature. Preventing theft is important, but there needs to be a way to track down as much evidence about the theft as possible. Although cameras can be defeated just like any other part of the security system, they add an extra layer of protection to capture people who manage to drive away with stolen goods.

In addition to cameras, you may want a facility that has security personnel on board. A security team acts as a deterrent and as a first response for theft, and you can decide between a facility with an around-the-clock staff or security staff that only clocks in after hours.

Contact a self storage facility, like Pelahatchie Bay Mini Storage, to discuss other features that may be helpful in keeping your belongings secure and in good shape.


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