Clever Storage Solutions for Your New Home

Clever Storage Solutions for Your New Home

Preparing Your Self-Storage Space Before Moving In

by Alexander Gonzales

When it comes to setting up your self-storage unit, doing a little prep work can prevent the room from becoming a jumbled pile of boxes. Use the following guide to organize and set up the space so it is a neat, orderly, and easy-to-use space for storing your personal possessions.

Add Lighting

While self-storage units typically have a light in the center of the room, you may find that this light is inadequate. There are several non-permanent lighting options you can use without violating the terms of your lease. Battery-powered LED puck lights can be placed along the walls for added illumination where you need it. These lights feature adhesive backings, which are designed for easy removal. You can also choose a battery-powered lantern for use in the storage unit, or you can hang string party lights for a bit of extra light. Arrange any added lighting you use to the perimeter of the storage unit where the central light might not be effective.

Create Storage Zones

The key to making the most of your storage unit is the ability to find what you are looking for. One way to make this easier is to create storage zones throughout the unit. Use painter's tape on the floor to create outlines for each storage zone, and hang a sign on the wall behind the tape to indicate which items are to be stored in each area. You can use self-adhesive hooks to hold these signs. The hooks combined with hanging chalkboards can create a fun, tidy look while also making it easy to switch the storage zones as needed. Once your signs and your painter's tape are both in place, you can begin to fill in each zone with your boxes and furniture. Be sure to leave some space between each zone and in the middle of the unit so you have a clear path to your items.

Assess And Assign Shelving

Freestanding shelving units are a storage space's best friend. These shelves provide a way to keep boxes organized and off the floors. Before you add shelving, however, you'll want to consider what will be stored on each shelf. Because many shelving systems feature adjustable shelves, knowing what you'll store on each one will help you maximize your available space. Consider making a diagram of each shelving unit, along with what will go on the shelves. You can then estimate average box size to determine how much space will be needed between shelves. You can also use a label maker to label each shelf with the assigned items that will be stored there.

Be sure to do a quick cleaning to make sure your self-storage unit is clean and free from dust before you move in. Put your shelves, labels, and lighting to work so your unit stays organized and easily accessible. 


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Clever Storage Solutions for Your New Home

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