Clever Storage Solutions for Your New Home

Clever Storage Solutions for Your New Home

How A Storage Unit Helps When You're Moving To A New Home

by Alexander Gonzales

If you're planning a local move in the next few months, then you may want to rent a storage unit to make the process easier. You can rent a unit for short-term storage so you only pay for as long as you need it. Having the extra space is helpful when you need to clear out your home so it's ready for the market and for staying organized while you move. Here's how a storage unit can be used for a local move.

Provides A Place For Packed Boxes

The key to an organized move is to start packing early. There are many things you don't use around your home such as seasonal clothing and excess dishes that you could pack up in advance. Instead of piling the boxes in your house, you can store them in a self-storage unit. Getting them out of your house decreases clutter, and it makes it easier to deep clean your home so it's ready to put on the market.

Reduces Furniture In Your Home

If you have a guest room that isn't likely to be used before you move, you can transfer the furniture into storage so the room is easier to clean and so you'll have fewer heavy things to move on moving day. You may want to thin out some furniture in other rooms too so your home looks less cluttered and more spacious if potential buyers will be viewing your home before you move out.

Helps Reduce Clutter

If you have a garage or attic that's full of old clutter, you may put off getting it organized and packed because you don't know what to do with everything. Consider renting a small dumpster for the weekend so it's easy to throw out what you don't want and then take the test to your storage unit so it's out of your house. This can help you get control of your clutter when you're overwhelmed and don't know how to start. Plus, this gives you weeks in advance to make repairs and get the cluttered rooms presentable by painting or whatever needs to be done.

Makes Moving Easier

When you have a large portion of your belongings in storage, then you'll have less to move when it's time to move into your new home. You might reduce moving costs by borrowing a friend's pickup truck or renting a box truck instead of having to use a mover. You can move the essentials out of your home in a single day and then take your time moving things out of your storage unit so everything can be placed intentionally in your new home rather than being a jumbled mess of boxes and clutter.


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Clever Storage Solutions for Your New Home

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