Clever Storage Solutions for Your New Home

Clever Storage Solutions for Your New Home

What You Need To Know About Pillow Or Cushion Storage

by Alexander Gonzales

How should you store pillows and cushions? From feather-filled bedroom pillows to sturdy canvas outdoor cushions, take a look at what you need to know about self-storage and these everyday household items.

Clean Everything First

Never store dirty or debris-covered pillows or cushions. Failure to adequately clean these items could result in permanent staining or invite unwanted pests into a rental unit.

Follow the manufacturer's directions (on the care tag) to clean pillows and cushions. Some outdoor patio furniture cushions and larger indoor pillows may have removable covers. This makes washing the exterior of the items easier. But it also means you need to clean the interior part too. Failure to clean both parts of the pillow could cause future problems.

Dry the Pillows and Cushions

After you completely clean the pillows and cushions, dry each item thoroughly. Damp fabric can grow mold in a self-storage unit. Mold can grow on wet items within 24 to 48 hours, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

You don't only need to refer to the manufacturer's care directions to clean your home's for-storage pillows and cushions. These instructions should also provide information on how to properly dry the items. Never put a pillow, cushion, or cover into a clothes dryer if the care tag doesn't specify this method as the correct way to dry the item. A clothes dryer could shrink or damage these potentially delicate home accents.

Select a Container

While you could pile pillows on the floor of the rental unit, this strategy may leave these items dirty or dusty. Before you place pillows or cushions into boxes, consider how the container will affect the material inside.

Plastic bins can hold heavy or bulky items and will typically keep dirt, debris, or pests out. But this type of air-tight container can trap moisture inside. If the pillows or cushions are damp, the sealed tub can promote mold or mildew growth. Moisture-absorbing packets can help to reduce the risks—but won't eliminate the issue if you can't completely dry the pillows or cushions.

A fabric or canvas bag is an easy option that won't make mold/mildew growth a major issue. Choose a breathable bag that doesn't bind or crush the cushions inside. If your pillows or cushions are too large to fit inside a bag, a fabric (not plastic) sheet or tarp is an option to explore. Wrap the pillows/cushions in the sheet and secure the fabric at the top or bottom. For more information, contact a storage service.


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