Clever Storage Solutions for Your New Home

Clever Storage Solutions for Your New Home

3 Important Items You Should Store In A Climate Controlled Self-Storage Unit

by Alexander Gonzales

A climate-controlled self-storage unit is one of the best storage options for various specialty items you may have at home. It offers the best climatic conditions for your items that may need special conditions to survive in storage. Your items will stay under controlled temperatures, humidity, and freezing conditions. This leaves you with little to worry about as your items remain in the storage unit. 

Since many self-storage companies charge more for climate-controlled units, you don't want to use that space for non-befitting items. Here are the top items you should never miss on your climate-controlled self-storage unit.

1. Your Electronics

Most of all of your electrical equipment should end up in the climate-controlled storage unit when clearing up your home during movement or house sale. While climate-controlled storage facilities offer a conducive environment for long-term storage of your electronics, you should understand that electronics evolve faster and shouldn't stay in there for long. Electronics are best left in these storage units for a not-so-long time, so they can still be marketable when you get them out.

Remember to remove all batteries from your devices and don't store your appliances directly on the floor. This way, you will keep moisture from getting into your devices and making them malfunction. You can take additional safety measures like labeling your items to make them easily identifiable.

2. Your Furniture

Your furniture makes up a significant percentage of the most expensive items you have at home, and you can't afford to store them in threatening conditions. Furniture is mainly made of wood, leather, metal, and upholstery. These materials are highly affected by changes in surrounding temperature and humidity and therefore need to be stored in a climate-controlled unit.

Wipe your furniture to get rid of oil, dye, and wax stains before storing them in the climate-controlled storage unit. You can as well leave some space between the furniture to allow for air circulation. Ensure you prepare your furniture well before you move them into the storage unit.

3. Your Medicines and Pharmaceutical Products

From the pharmacies to your home and now to a storage facility, medical and pharmaceutical products are always to be kept in favorable climatic conditions. A climate-controlled self-storage unit is the only storage unit option that allows you to achieve a conducive temperature and humid condition for your medicine. 

Besides choosing a climate-controlled storage facility for your meds, ensure the shelves you are storing them in are clean and free from rodent and bug infestations. With everything in perfect shape, a climate-controlled storage unit offers perfect conditions for your meds and other pharmaceutical products. Some storage facilities limit what types of substances can be kept inside, so make sure your medications are on an approved list before you store them. 

For more information about climate controlled units, contact a self-storage facility.


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