Clever Storage Solutions for Your New Home

Clever Storage Solutions for Your New Home

Guidelines For Moving Out Of Self-Storage Units

by Alexander Gonzales

Whether you have leased a storage unit for the short or long term, you will move out one day. Maybe you will have decided to donate or sell the items you kept in the storage unit or bring them back home. But before you plan to move your belongings, it's crucial to prepare adequately. You want to ensure the process runs seamlessly. Besides, the service providers expect the self-storage unit to be in good condition and clean when you leave.

Knowing what's expected of you during this transition can make things easier. Here are tips to consider whenever you need to move your belongings out of self-storage units.

Determine If There's Enough Space to Keep the Items

Unless you intend to sell or donate the items in the self-storage unit, you should ensure there's adequate space to hold them at the next destination. So, before moving them, you may take some pictures to determine how much room is needed to hold them. If you don't have enough space, you might want to keep them in the storage unit for longer.

Notify the Service Provider

Most storage contracts state how much notice their clients should give before they move their belongings out. So, go through the document and provide the advanced notice as required. If you fail to do so, you may unnecessarily lose the security deposit or pay for another month of storage. The only way to have a smooth shift and avoid wasting money is to inform the company about your plans.

Determine If You'll Have to Repack Some Items

Items that have been in storage for years may require repacking. This is usually the case if the boxes you used initially appear damaged or too frail to handle the weight of the items. So, before the big day, get extra packing supplies like paper, boxes, and tape. 

Ensure things like lamps, glass table tops, fragile kitchenware, and other similar items are repacked appropriately before moving. You can assign the repacking task to professionals if you cannot do it yourself.

Clean the Unit Before Leaving

Once all your belongings are packed into a truck, you should assign someone to clean the self-storage unit. This is particularly important if the contract requires all renters to clean the units after removing their belongings. You can also do it yourself since the cleanup work only entails sweeping and removing the old boxes and other garbage. This process will only take a few minutes and will ensure you get the deposit back in full.

Contact a local storage service, such as Alaska Mini Storage, to learn more. 


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