Clever Storage Solutions for Your New Home

Clever Storage Solutions for Your New Home

  • What You Need To Know About Pillow Or Cushion Storage

    How should you store pillows and cushions? From feather-filled bedroom pillows to sturdy canvas outdoor cushions, take a look at what you need to know about self-storage and these everyday household items. Clean Everything First Never store dirty or debris-covered pillows or cushions. Failure to adequately clean these items could result in permanent staining or invite unwanted pests into a rental unit. Follow the manufacturer's directions (on the care tag) to clean pillows and cushions.

  • 4 Businesses That Can Be Facilitated Through A Storage Unit

    If you are looking to start up your own business, you may need space to run it. One way to affordable get the space to run a business from is by renting a storage unit. A storage unit allows you space to store your products and get your business running in a cost-effective manner. Business #1: Thrift Business If you enjoy shopping for vintage items, you can turn that into a business.

  • Decisions to Make When Renting Self Storage

    Run out of storage space at home and need to rent a self-storage unit? If so, there are some decisions that you need to make when selecting a unit. Here are 4 things to decide on when making your selection. Square Footage The one factor that will have the greatest impact on your monthly rental cost is the square footage. As you can imagine, a bigger unit is going to cost you more per month.

  • Tips To Get Started Selling Online As A Second Job

    Reselling used items online is a great secondary source of income. A lot of people work a full time job during the day and spend a few evenings a week working online creating listings and packing up and shipping the items that have already sold. If you're considering online sales as a source of income and have limited space to work with, you'll need to get a little creative with how you do things.

  • How A Storage Unit Helps When You're Moving To A New Home

    If you're planning a local move in the next few months, then you may want to rent a storage unit to make the process easier. You can rent a unit for short-term storage so you only pay for as long as you need it. Having the extra space is helpful when you need to clear out your home so it's ready for the market and for staying organized while you move.

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    Clever Storage Solutions for Your New Home

    Are you planning to build a new house in the near future? If you desperately desire for your home to function for you and your family, incorporate plenty of storage solutions in it. For instance, you might wish to install a large, walk-in closet in your master bedroom. You may also want to build a linen closet in your master bathroom. Installing a bay window with a built-in, storage box is also an ingenious idea. To keep your new place free of clutter, you might even wish to rent a storage unit at a facility near you. You can store seasonal items such as Christmas decorations, snow skis, or beach balls in your rented, storage compartment. On this blog, I hope you will discover clever, storage ideas for your new abode. Enjoy!